John Finn


"You have blessed hands" G.E.

"I've finally found someone who can treat my scoliosis without just whamming away at the side that's tight." A.S.

"The other people (massage therapists) I've tried, feel like they're killing time and just doing the same routine over and over, but you really just kinda play and go after what needs to be worked on." M.G.

I've had thai massage and felt like it was all stretches I could just do on my own... And I've had accupressure done and felt that was helpful.. I love how you combine all of that into one session, complimenting eachother." B.B. 

"I used to be afraid of male massage therapists because they were too rough, but you make the pain go away without adding more... Thank you." M.C.

"Just what I needed." H.D.

"That was amazing!.. You can do the thing." M.L.

"You're the only bodyworker I trust to work on me now." A.L.

"My body melted like butter and I left feeling massage drunk. This kid is crazy good!" P.M.